Game Reports - By Chris Bye

SNTA Round 4 - 13c - Kingston Aqua V Cripps

The match of Round 4 in the 13C competition was the game between Kingston Aqua and Cripps Waratah who were both in equal 6th position on the ladder after the first 3 rounds, with Kingston just in front on percentage.

The umpires for the big game were Alissa Bean from Karana and Hannah Roger from Palena. 

Official scorers were Nell Baldwin from Kingston and Anita Jakubiszyn from Cripps.

Coaches of the Kingston Blues Aqua team are Ellen Summers and Mia Rowland. Assistant Coach for the day and official statistician was Georgia Summers. The starting line up for the Kingston Aqua team was as follows:
Goal Shooter: Nadine Adler
Goal Attack: Yvette Ambrose
Wing Attack: Mishae Dalco
Centre: Grace Triffitt
Wing Defence: Ella Baldwin
Goal Defence: Niamh Morley
Goal Keeper: Lucy Coe
Reserves: Grace Main and Paige McGuinniss

Kingston started well and with giant Goal Shooter Nadene Adler and quick footed Goal Attack Yvette Ambrose working well together at the attacking end and defenders Ella Baldwin, Naimh Morley and Lucy Coe effective at the defensive end, the Blues led 2-1 at the first change.

The Kingston Aqua team had plenty of firepower on the bench to inject into the game and Coach Ellen Summers brought on tall goalie Grace Main to Goal Shooter and another good athlete Paige McGuinniss to Goal Attack to start the 2nd quarter. Lucy Coe was moved to WD and Kingston's other tall goalie Nadine Adler was switched to GK. 

The Kingston team pulled away in the 2nd quarter to lead 7-2 at the half-time break.

Coach Ellen Summers brought on Ella Baldwin into the vital Centre position and Yvette Ambrose who started at Goal Attack was brought on at Goal Defence, with Niamh Morley switched back to Goal Keeper for the 3rd quarter.

The Blues continued to go up a gear as they piled on 6 goals for the quarter and their mean defenders once again restricted the Cripps team to only 1 goal, as the Kingston team led 13-3 at the last change.

Coach Summers went for speed at the attacking end in the last quarter as Paige McGuinniss moved into the circle to Goal Shooter with Yvette Ambrose switched back to the attacking end again, lining up at Goal Attack and tall shooter Grace Main was moved back to Wing Defence.

Kingston finished the game strongly scoring 5 goals to 2, to win 18-5 and move to fifth place on the ladder after the end of 4 rounds.

Below are some comments on the performance of the players by Coach Ellen Summers.
"Ella Baldwin (C,WD), Mishae Dalco (WA), Grace Triffitt (WA, C) + Lucy Coe (WD) worked together to bring the ball down the court into the attack end.

Paige McGuinniss (GS, GA), Yvette Ambrose (GA) + Grace Main were a strong force in the goal circle putting their bodies on the line to keep possession for their team.

Niamh Morley (GD, GK), Nadene Adler (GK), Lucy Coe (GK) + Yvette Ambrose (GD) worked well in the defensive circle to deflect the ball, gain possession for their team and work the ball effectively down the court.

Highest turnovers: Niamh Morley (GD, GK) - Niamh gained 11 deflections/intercepts according to Assistant Coach and team statistician Georgia Summers.

Highest scorer: Grace Main (GS) scored 7 goals in 2 quarters at GS. Paige McGuinniss also scored 7 goals in her 3 quarters at the offensive end, two at GA and one at GS. Yvette Ambrose scored 4 goals in her two quarters of play at GA."

The win moved the girls up to fifth position on the ladder after 4 rounds and with plenty of skillful athletic players, plus some height at both ends of the court, the Kingston Aqua team look likely to continue to climb up the ladder in the near future with such talent in the team and under the guidance of good, positive and knowledgeable coaching staff