Want to umpire with Kingston Blues?

Interested in umpiring with Kingston Blues? We would be glad to have you.

If you have never umpired before, or only a couple of times, or have umpired in the past and are looking to expand on your skills - we are more than happy to teach you, you will be well supported and have umpire mentors at all of your games to start with.

Before you start you should read and learn the rule book! You can download it from here and there are usually some paper copies around that you can buy.

After that, please complete the online Rules of Netball Theory Examination through the MyNetball website.  This exam can be done numerous times to help improve an umpire/player/coach's knowledge, so is a very good resource.

Submit your umpiring EOI form below - if you have any questions please email our Umpiring Delegate at umpiring@kingstonblues.org.au

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