Kingston Blues Life Membership


  1. Must be a current Kingston Blues member 18 years and over.

  2. Must have a minimum of seven (7) consecutive years of outstanding service to the Club.

  3. Members who attain fifteen (15) years of active accumulative service with the Club may be nominated (active being a player, administrator and support staff).

  4. Demonstrated a high level of dedication to the Club.

  5. Must have contributed to the Kingborough Netball Association.

 General Considerations

  1. The general attitude and overall demeanor of the nominee shows a dedication to the values of the Club.

  2. Commitment to the principles of good sportsmanship.

  3. Valued leadership and good role modelling that reflects credit upon the Club.


  • Nominations will be accepted from any current Kingston Blues member.

  • The Club Committee Executive must check the candidate’s eligibility.

  • Nominations will be tabled at the September Committee Meeting for consideration.

  • If the candidate is found eligible a written vote is to be taken as to the candidate nomination being presented for approval at the next Annual General Meeting of the Club.

The nomination must be approved by a written vote of at least three-quarters of the members present and voting at the next Annual General Meeting

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