Kingston Blues Coaching Awards 2019

Are you super impressed by your coach this year? Has your coach gone above and beyond or really had an impact on your team or you?

Each year we present 3 Club Coaching Awards at the Presentation Dinners - a junior (17 and under), a development and a senior coaching award.

This year we would love to see lots of nomination from members all over the club, anyone can nominate (players, parents, grandparents, cousins…. 2nd cousins?!) and we just want to hear how the coach has positively influenced you or your teams skills, game play, enjoyment of the game…. your life?! Who knows? You do. And we want to know!

Please fill in the form below for your coach to be considered for an award in 2019.

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e.g tell us how your coach has helped you/or your team improve, positively influenced or changed your game, helped you to enjoy netball