Patsy Mak Good Sports Award

In 2018, and continuing in 2019, Kingston Blues Netball Club have introduced a weekly award, sponsored and conceived by our Club Patron, Patsy Makarewicz.

The Patsy Mak Good Sports Award aims to encourage and recognise positive behaviours that reflect the Club’s core values and will be awarded each week to a player from each team that best meets the following criteria.

The player should:

  • Be relentless, fair and focused in upholding & demonstrating the values and expected behaviours of the Club

  • Some of our expected behaviours include

    • We will not use offensive language or display rude behaviour

    • We will treat others how we wish to be treated

    • We will listen to our Coaches, umpires and team members

    • We will arrive on time to training and games

    • We will make sure we have appropriate clothing for training and games

    • We will Follow the Rules and listen to the umpires

    • We will demonstrate good sportsmanship toward others

    • We will try our best at training and on game day

  • Show respect and courtesy to all involved with the sport

  • Promote fair play

  • Encourage and support all participants of the sport

  • Help each other reach their potential and respect each other’s talent and developmental stage

  • Play with respect, integrity and fairness

  • Take responsibility for their actions attending all training sessions and work to the best of their ability for the overall success of their team

Over the 25 weeks of the season a player will be nominated from each team to receive the award.

The continued success of the club and the growth of our values within it, are important to Patsy Mak and our committee and we aim to instill these values into every member of our club, players, coaches, umpires and committee.

Thank  you Patsy Mak for implementing and sponsoring this award, we are all working with you to spread the values throughout the Club.t