Kingston Blues Umpiring Awards 2019

Have you noticed an umpire who has worked really hard this year? Are they taking opportunities to improve and seem to be umpiring all the time?

Each year we present 3 Club Umpiring Awards at the Presentation Dinners:

  • Eloise Fox Junior Umpire Award (17 and under)

  • Developing Umpire Award

  • Bernadette Doyle Senior Umpiring Award.

We would love to see lots of nominations from across the club this year, anyone can nominate (players, parents, grandparents, cousins…. 2nd cousins?!) is your daughter, son, mother or friend working hard on their umpiring or have they achieved great things this year with their umpiring?

Tell us about them in the form below to recognise their efforts and be considered for an award in 2019.

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e.g tell us how enthusiastic and committed the umpire is, are they umpiring at STNA, carnivals, practice matches? Are they working towards a badge, or recently get a badge? Do they love it?